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How is NewsLoop different?

NewsLoop delivers the largest library of local stories alongside international content obtained from over 400 publishers, including The Guardian, Reuters and ESPN, all in a single elegant app. Each publisher is carefully curated by our editorial team to maintain the quality of content on NewsLoop for our users.

NewsLoop is highly customisable. Each user gets to choose the categories to read from. They can also enjoy reading NewsLoop in there different reading experiences (magazine view, carousel view and press play view) on the iPad. NewsLoop becomes each user’s personal eMagazine.

To facilitate information sharing, users can share their favourite content through email, SMS and on their social networks.

These are just some of the points that distinguish NewsLoop. We encourage you to submit your content to us for review now and discover the possibilities we offer.

Which countries' news and content are available on NewsLoop?

At this moment, NewsLoop contains news from the following countries: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Australia.

What are the benefits of having my content on NewsLoop?

There are lots of benefits for publishers to partner with NewsLoop.

Our business model allows publishers to distribute their content to a far wider audience across Asia. With Singtel and its associates’ support, we are talking about an addressable market of at least half a billion people. Which means your content can be potentially viewed by this number too!

NewsLoop also creates a new revenue stream for our publishers when they distribute their content on our app. Our ad revenue share model means publishers get a cut of revenues when ads are displayed against their content.

Our business model has appealed to a wide range of publishers, from Reuters, ESPN, local lifestyle bloggers and 600 other publishers.

You got me excited now. How do I submit my content to Newsloop?

Content submission onto NewsLoop is really easy. Simply email your RSS feeds to publishers@newsloop.co for review. We'll be in contact with you within 5 working days.

We accept feeds in English and other Asian languages.

Does it cost for my content to be displayed on NewsLoop?

It is free to publish your content on NewsLoop as we believe in creating adequate value for both parties and our users.

What kind of content are you interested in?

NewsLoop offers content in more than 30 news and lifestyle categories, from local, international, business and sports headlines to fashion, movies and food & drink content. Check out the categories on our app to see whether your content fits.

Now that I'm on NewsLoop, I'm interested to tell my readers about it. Can I do so?

Yes definitely! You can refer to our brand assets here for our logos as well as guidelines and examples on how to promote your feed on NewsLoop. For more creative NewsLoop badges, you can refer here too.

Which multimedia formats do you support?

For images, we support .gif, .jpeg and .png. For videos, we support HTML 5, YouTube and Vimeo. We encourage the use of multimedia content in your content to engage the readers and enhance the reading experience.